To do in the Neighbourhood

In Berliner Unterwelten you can experience the history of Berlin from an underground perspective.

Labyrinth is a museum for children. You learn by playing.

In Klingendes Museum children can test and experience all sorts of instruments .

From the north the Panke, a little, less known river, runs to the Spree.

Tasteful and nearby

Shalimar is a very nice Pakistani family restaurant.

If you don't want to walk anymore at night, but still want to go out, you can go to the trendy Fos-Bar around the corner.
A few houses down the same street you can eat very nice waffles and ice cream during the day in the "süßes Café".

Eis Henri at the Humboldthainpark doesn't have its own website, but it has the best and the cheapest ice cream in the neighbourhood.

In the canteen of the protected industrial monument Exrotaprint you can find some very nice and cheap dishes.

Da Giorgio is a nice Italian restaurant just around the corner.

Miss Ploff is a great coffee house and brunch restaurant around the other corner.


On the BVG-website you can find anything about the public transport in Berlin. Especially the journey planner comes in handy.

You can see here how the weather will be during your stay.

You can find a lot of information in English on the official tourism website.

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